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Travel Choices is a free resource to help individuals and organisations prepare for and adapt to the changes to Sydney’s transport and road network.

Find your better way


Sydney is going through unprecedented change. Adjusting the way you travel to, from and around the city centre can help you have a more reliable and comfortable journey. It’s time to prepare for the exciting changes ahead.


Find your better way

Reconsidering the way you travel can help you cut carbon emissions, reduce traffic congestion, improve your health and save you time and money.


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Public transport can be a more reliable alternative to driving, and it allows you time to concentrate on something other than driving such as reading a book. People who regularly catch public transport get about 35 minutes of exercise a day, compared to people who drive who average 10 minutes a day.

Cycling or walking part of your journey can be a great way to incorporate exercise into your daily commute. Check out our interactive map which includes a cycleway finder and locations of bike racks and lockers. The City of Sydney Cycleways website has a suite of free resources for cyclists including ride guides and details of free tune ups for your bikes and courses to get your confidence up.

Remoding to public transport helps to cut vehicle emissions. Every kilometre walked or cycled, instead of driven, cuts out nearly 0.2kg of CO2e.

Download one of the handy public transport apps for real-time service updates, the closest stations, stops and wharves, and accessibility details.

Use the Trip planner at Transport Info to plan public transport trips across NSW.

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If you can, avoid travelling during the morning and afternoon peaks especially between 8-9am and 5-6pm. This will help reduce your travel time, allow for a more comfortable journey and cut your stress levels.


Find the best time to travel for a more comfortable journey by checking out a real-time public transport app. The NextThere app for buses also provide information on bus loads by service during the morning and afternoon peak periods – and might help you get a seat.

Travelling on the train before or after the peak could also save you money. Visit the Opal website to find out more about off-peak Opal fares.

Live Traffic NSW will keep you up to date with news of incidents and road conditions.

You can also plan your journey and avoid congestion with real-time road apps.

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Using the city’s preferred driving routes to avoid busy roads could save you time and allow for a more relaxing journey.

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Consider using teleconference facilities instead of making the trip for a face-to-face meeting.


Could you try working from home for part of the day or working remotely to avoid travelling in the peak? View options and see what may work for you in our Travel Choices Flexible Working Toolkit.

If you need to drive why not consider carpooling or carsharing to reduce your carbon footprint and save money on fuel, tolls, parking and vehicle wear and tear.  Carpooling and carsharing apps in Sydney are available in the App store.