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22 Feb 2021
Bus Safety Week reminder to stay bus alert

Dramatic new vision has been released as authorities urge pedestrians, drivers and passengers to take safety around buses seriously.

This year’s annual Bus Safety Week is an important reminder to everyone to remain alert and be careful across the road network.

Despite the obvious dangers, people are still putting themselves and others at risk through their dangerous behaviour around buses.

Fortunately bus crashes dropped during 2020, likely due to fewer people being out and about. But, as more people start returning to work and coming back into our busier areas, it’s important people pay attention, be aware and stay alert.

Over the five-year period up to June 2020, a total of 34 people were killed in crashes involving buses in NSW. Of the 34 fatalities, 15 were pedestrians.

During the same five-year period, 362 people were seriously injured in bus crashes including, 69 pedestrians and 18 bicycle riders.

The statistics show when it comes to crashes involving a bus, most fatalities and serious injuries occur in metropolitan areas.

Bus Safety Week is a reminder for pedestrians to find a safe place to cross the road, avoid walking in front of or behind a bus and to not get distracted by mobile phones.

Buses are big, heavy vehicles that can’t stop quickly, and even if a crash is avoided, it can cause serious injury to those on board the bus.

It’s also a good time to remind drivers to keep safe distances from school buses and to slow down when you see the flashing lights. And if you ride a bicycle or motorcycle, be aware of a bus’s blind spots because if you can’t see their mirrors, the bus driver can’t see you.

The sixth annual Bus Safety Week runs from 22 to 28 February.

Warning: Content may be upsetting to some viewers