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19 Nov 2020
Bus changes to result in better services for more customers

Key learnings from the Route 980 ‘Turn Up and Go’ bus trial, currently operating from Lilli Pilli to Caringbah, will soon benefit more customers with improvements to the bus network planned from mid-January 2021.

Transport for NSW will conclude the Route 980 bus trial next month, which has been running since November 2019 to encourage more people to catch public transport.

“It’s clear from the trial and through customer feedback that more people will choose public transport if there are more regular bus services across the day that provide timely connections with train services at Caringbah station,” said Transport for NSW Chief Operations Officer, Howard Collins.

“However with limited seating capacity from using smaller buses during the trial, we need to adjust our operations by using larger buses so more customers can benefit in the long run.

“We will be boosting weekly capacity by around 30 per cent or almost 3,000 additional seats for customers. There will also be more off-peak services so customers have more flexibility and choice around when they travel.”

As a result, the Route 980 bus trial will be discontinued from 18 December, and from mid-January 2021, more than 115 extra weekly services will be added to the equivalent Route 977, providing customers with more options throughout the day.

This means, from mid-January 2021, customers can catch a Route 977 bus service:

  • every 15 minutes in the AM and PM peak, instead of every 30-60 minutes today;
  • every 30 minutes in weekday off-peak periods and on Saturdays, instead of up to 90 minutes today;
  • every hour on Sundays instead of every 120-150mins today; and with 
  • extended service hours during evenings on both weekdays and weekends.

“Based on Opal data, feedback and key learnings from the Route 980 trial, this improved service plan is better aligned with customer needs, and should encourage more customers to use public transport,” Mr Collins said.