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28 Oct 2019
Cyclists set to fly over the M2 Motorway

Cyclists will benefit from a new, stand-alone pathway that will form more than four kilometres of improved routes in Sydney’s north.

Five 50 tonne steel beams, spanning 30 metres in length, have been installed to form the new elevated cycleway as part of the NorthConnex project.

NorthConnex will provide new public transport and cycling opportunities by taking 5,000 trucks off Pennant Hills Road every day.

The project will not just save drivers up to 15 minutes in travel time, it is also set to improve the journey for thousands of cyclists who travel along the Hills M2 Motorway.

Riders at the M2 Motorway Pennant Hills Road intersection will now be able to use a new elevated cycleway to travel over the westbound on-ramps.

Heading citybound, they can also travel underneath the Pennant Hills Road off-ramp.

The reduced traffic travelling on Pennant Hills Road, particularly heavy vehicles, will improve local amenity in terms of noise and vibration, air quality and traffic.

Brian Lynne, from cycling group Bike North, said they have been consulting on the design.

“This is a huge win for cyclists, especially from a road safety perspective, removing the need to cross over lanes used by thousands of vehicles every day,” Mr Lynne said.

“To say that these new facilities are impressive is an understatement, but most importantly, it has successfully separated cyclists and traffic.”

For the latest project updates visit the NorthConnex website.