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16 Jul 2021
Last mile toolkit bringing freight and servicing to the fore

Transport for NSW has launched a new toolkit to help guide urban planners, developers and government in their consideration of freight and servicing demands for new buildings and precincts as part of the planning process.

The Urban Freight Last Mile Toolkit contains guiding principles, measurement and forecasting tools, design and management solutions and future approaches to support users as they incorporate freight and servicing activity into their plans.

Planners and other stakeholders can use the Toolkit proactively to improve their management of the freight and servicing task – in new and established developments alike – and make decisions that enhance place outcomes and efficiencies for business.

Our cities are changing and growing rapidly, and they are increasingly offering more diverse options for working, living, shopping and socialising.

Building better connections and creating places that inspire people to live, socialise, shop and interact with the city environment are key areas of focus.

All of these activities also create demand for goods and services, making freight and servicing a vital consideration for urban planners in ensuring communities can thrive while also responding to the changing urban environment.

Take a look at the Urban Freight Last Mile Toolkit at