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M8 Tunnel
WestConnex M8


The WestConnex M8 provides motorists with a 9km traffic-light free link between Kingsgrove and St Peters

The second major WestConnex project, the $4.3 billion M8 motorway between Beverly Hills and St Peters is now open to public traffic.

Motorists can now travel from Beverly Hills to St Peters in around 10 minutes, and with the project easing congestion on the M5 East, commuters will save up to half an hour on journeys between Liverpool and Sydney’s south during peak.

With two lanes in each direction, the 9km twin tunnels have been built with capacity for a future third lane and provide better connections to the airport and Port Botany.

Clear signs including electronic messages and lane markings are in place to give drivers plenty of notice about tolls.

Motorists are encouraged to plan ahead and allow extra travel time, particularly around Marsh Street and the King Georges Road off ramps, which are the last exits before the M5 East and M8 tolls for motorists.

Follow the signs and make a decision early to be in the correct lane. If you miss the signs and make a wrong turn, you should always continue driving until you find a safe location to stop and replan your trip. It is not safe to stop or reverse in a motorway or tunnel environment.

M8 Detailed map

As with any major transport infrastructure, it will take some time before drivers are accustomed to the changed conditions. We advise people to be mindful of safety and changes to road configurations.

WestConnex is being delivered in four major stages, including the New M4 (now open), the M8 and the M4-M5 Link and Rozelle Interchange, opening in 2023. When complete, WestConnex will provide drivers with a 33km, traffic-light free network.

The M8 is future focused, with connections to the M4-M5 Link, Sydney Gateway to the airport, and the ‘missing link’ to Sydney’s south, the M6 Stage 1.

A toll of $6.95 applies on the M8. The M5 East will also be tolled to reflect the significant travel time improvements, with distance based tolls between $3.04 and $6.95

For the latest conditions on the road network, motorists should visit and for more on the M8 including driver animations visit