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12 Apr 2021
New Parramatta Light Rail bridge taking shape

Construction is underway on the state’s second longest steel arch bridge, which will connect light rail users, cyclists and pedestrians when the Parramatta Light Rail opens in 2023.

The biggest of the six bridges being constructed for the project will stretch across six lanes of traffic on James Ruse Drive in Rosehill, and accommodate the new light rail and walking and bike-riding path.

Second only to the Sydney Harbour Bridge in length, the structure’s giant bronze arches are creating a new landmark for locals and anyone travelling through the area.

Currently on a construction site next to James Ruse Drive, the fabricated steelwork, each piece weighing up to 60 tonnes, has been assembled to build the 15-metre-high steel arch.

The Australian-made steelwork for the bridge was fabricated by Western Sydney based company, S&L Steel, before it was transported to Rosehill for assembly.

The bridge will not only support the new light rail, but will also make it much safer for pedestrians and cyclists to cross the very busy James Ruse Drive.

Over the coming weeks, the temporary support frames will be removed, and the arch will be fitted out with precast concrete, concrete deck, precast concrete barriers, and temporary steel railing and protection screens, before it is lifted into place.

The 1425-tonne steel and concrete structure will be moved into position during a weekend closure of James Ruse Drive in the coming months. Once in place, the bridge will be fitted out for light rail and pedestrian and cyclist use.

The Parramatta Light Rail will connect Westmead to Carlingford via the Parramatta CBD and Camellia, and is expected to commence services in 2023.

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