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29 Mar 2021
Railway line moved to make way for Metro

A major Sydney railway line has been picked up and moved in just 48 hours, to make way for the brand new Sydney Metro.

The Sydney Trains T1 North Shore Line had to be permanently realigned between Chatswood and Artarmon because the existing suburban railway tracks were effectively blocking the new city-bound Sydney Metro.

Crews essentially picked up and moved one of Sydney’s oldest and busiest railway lines - an amazing feat of engineering requiring incredibly hard work from the 250 local workers involved.

The critical track work has been completed at Chatswood so that Sydney Metro can be extended from the city’s north west into the Sydney CBD and beyond to Bankstown.

The northbound Sydney Trains track, which was first built in 1890, was cut and moved to connect with new tracks 20 metres to the west, to make way for the Metro North West Line to extend into the new twin metro tunnels.

The huge operation took 48 hours to cut, slew and join the existing suburban line with almost 900 metres of new track and about 2.5 kilometres of new overhead wiring.

Despite the recent extreme weather conditions, the team completed the work safely and in time to ensure services were back up and running for Monday’s peak.

So far almost 11 kilometres of track and more than 10,000 railway sleepers have also been installed as part of the Sydney Metro City and Southwest Project.

All up, 62 kilometres of Australian-made rail steel weighing more than 4,000 tonnes will be used to lay 31 kilometres of railway tracks in the twin tunnels between Chatswood and Sydenham.

Sydney Metro rail services between Chatswood, the Sydney CBD and Bankstown start in 2024, when Sydney will have 31 Metro railway stations and a 66 kilometre standalone metro railway system.

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