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03 May 2021
Ramping up bike use on Sydney Harbour Bridge

Access to the northern end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge cycleway is set to be greatly improved under options being considered for a new ramp.

The number of cyclists crossing the Bridge could more than double over ten years, once a new ramp at Milsons Point replaces the long-term bottleneck where cyclists are currently forced to dismount.

Cyclists who use the Sydney Harbour Bridge cycleway currently have to negotiate 55 steps by carrying their bikes up and down at the northern end.

A new ramp will improve safety but also encourage people who are currently unable or unwilling to tackle the stairs from Bradfield Park to use what is our most popular cycleway in Sydney.

Transport for NSW has developed two ramp options for community feedback.

The first option is a linear ramp that would wind its way north through Bradfield Park on a gentle gradient. This option would reduce conflict with pedestrians closer to the entrance to Milsons Point Station.

The second option is a looped ramp to be built in Bradfield Park central. This option would have a compact footprint, while still offering improved access, safety and convenience for cyclists. (See artist impressions of both options below)

Transport for NSW thanks the community for its patience while we worked to get the plans right, and we’ll have a conversation with the community about the preferred solution over the coming months.

The project will also include improvements at ground level for the safety of local pedestrians and cyclists who commute through Milsons Point and North Sydney.

We will work closely with key stakeholders and industry experts to ensure an outcome appropriate for this famous location.

Transport for NSW made the decision not to progress with a lift or travellator because they did not solve safety or congestion issues and they were not supported by the Heritage Council of NSW.

Converting a lane of traffic on the Sydney Harbour Bridge into a cycleway was also ruled out because of the major impact it would have on the road network.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge cycleway runs between Millers Point and Milsons Point along the western side of the Bridge. On average, 2,000 cyclist trips are taken on the cycleway on weekdays.

The NSW Government is investing around $710 million into walking and bike riding infrastructure over the next four years, bringing its total investment to around $1.1 billion – the largest commitment in the state's history.


Harbour Bridge ramp option 1 - linear ramp
Sydney Harbour Bridge ramp option 1 - linear ramp


Sydney Harbour Bridge ramp option 2 - loop ramp
Sydney Harbour Bridge ramp option 2 - loop ramp