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14 Oct 2021
Students Encouraged To Be COVIDSafe On Public Transport

Transport for NSW will be running all dedicated school services to support the staged return to the classroom from Monday 18 October.

Transport for NSW Chief Operations Officer, Howard Collins, said many students will be returning to school next Monday and we ask that parents and carers consider all travel options for the school pick-up and drop-off.

“We have already seen some of our regional students back in the classroom and, as always, we will run our dedicated school services to a normal timetable to support the school term,” Mr Collins said.

“We do ask that parents and carers consider walking, cycling, or driving to school if possible and if you need to catch public transport, please plan ahead and check that there’s enough space on your usual service for your child to travel in a COVIDSafe way.

“A reminder that it’s mandatory for children aged 13 and older to wear a mask on public transport and please do not eat or drink whilst using public transport. Continue to practice good COVID safe etiquette including regular sanitising.

“As always, no school student will be turned away from public transport, even if this means physical distancing won’t always be possible or the student isn’t wearing a mask.

“However, we cannot stress this enough – if you are unwell, stay at home, get tested, and do not get on public transport.”

Transport for NSW is working with schools directly where timetable changes may affect school services in the event of any COVID-related staffing shortages.

Motorists are reminded school zones are in operation around the state.

“Children are vulnerable so please slow down to the reduced speed limit, typically 40km/h, when entering a school zone or when you see bus lights flashing,” Mr Collins said.

Parents and students can plan ahead by visiting or using real time apps.