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Autumn Edition 2021

Our Autumn Edition eBook includes the latest transport updates, workplace trends in 2021, and solutions to embed and sustain travel behaviour change. Plus a collection of datasets, case studies and resources to help inform your decision making and workforce planning as you return to the workplace.


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Transport updates

autumn transport

Find the latest transport updates and travel trends occurring across the transport network, plus a range of travel planning advice, tools and campaign materials to help you support safe and sustainable commutes in your workplace.                                                                     


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Workplaces in 2021


See the trends that are shaping the future of workplaces and reimagining what ‘the workplace’ means for businesses and employees with perspectives from property managers, experiences from businesses and insights from data and research to shine the light on workplace trends for 2021


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Sustainable solutions


A range of practical solutions for the workplace to implement which support sustainable commutes, focused on encouraging off-peak travel, public transport usage over cars, supporting active commutes and sustaining hybrid working arrangements


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