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09 Nov 2018
Macquarie Park staff and students get Bikewise

In October, staff and students in Macquarie Park took a break from their busy schedules to head outdoors and get on a bicycle. They were taking part in free bike training held at Macquarie University and Optus, designed to encourage active and sustainable transport options.

Transport’s Travel Choices team engaged Bikewise, a bicycle training business, to come out to Macquarie Park and pass on valuable, practical advice about riding to staff keen to get active on their commute. 

Transport for NSW Coordinator General Marg Prendergast stopped by at Optus to see the bike riders in action.

“We’re supporting the Macquarie Park community at the individual level as well as working with businesses to help them prepare for and adapt to transport changes in a sustainable way,” she said.

“The Bikewise trainers have been especially focused on helping new and inexperienced riders build up their confidence, shore up their control skills, and take advantage of shared paths and routes with less traffic. They are also teaching bike maintenance, to keep people moving.” 

Macquarie University hosted Bikewise during much of October, supporting students and staff in the precinct. “We have had great feedback; 100 per cent of participants we have surveyed so far agree the sessions are really useful,” Ms Prendergast said.

“Walking or riding your bike as part of your daily commute is a great way to improve and maintain your physical health and mental well-being. It keeps you active without the need for a gym membership and gives you some ‘me-time’ in your busy day. Get active on your commute and reap the benefits.”

The team has produced a bike map for new riders in the Macquarie Park precinct. For a copy of the map, email the Travel Choices team at or download from the MySydney website.

By next year Transport for NSW , Ryde Council and Macquarie University will have spent around $2 million  on active transport improvements around the precinct since 2016. The NSW Government has also partnered with Landcom on a $40 million pedestrian and cycle bridge project called Lachlan’s Line, providing safe and easy access between North Ryde Station and Macquarie Park.

Some businesses are now considering bike fleets (including electric bikes) as a great way for them to support their employees’ health and well-being and promote active travel to work and to nearby meetings during the work day.

Beyond Macquarie Park, North Sydney Council is going this one step further in promoting cycling amongst its staff. It now has a staff fleet of four bicycles, with a mountain bike proving the most popular choice among riders and a cargo bike capable of carrying goods also available for use.

In the fleet’s first year on the job, Council staff racked up an impressive 1500km on the bikes.

Transport for NSW has been supporting this council and other organisations to adopt active transport options such as bike fleets as part of our work on travel demand management. 

Our Travel Choices program enables commuters to make informed choices about their daily commute, and aims to shape long term, sustainable travel behaviour aligned to future workplaces.  


Visit our Travel Choices page for more information on the program.