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COVIDSafe Case Studies

The way we travel and work has changed significantly over the past few months, with some of these changes set to stay, shaping our new ways of working and travelling in the future.

Sydney businesses, universities and commuters share how they have adapted to the changing times and used this opportunity to develop initiatives that support sustainable travel in the short term while creating lasting effects in the long term.


COVIDSafe Travel

    Tanja, new bike commuter from Erskineville to Sydney CBD
    Tanja takes you on a virtual journey of her new commute to work by bike from Sydney’s Inner West to the CBD and shares how she embarked on her new active commute, the challenges she faced and overcome when starting out and the benefits she’s gained four months on...
    Commuter Profile - Evangelos Krokos
    The commute takes about 20-30 minutes, depending on how lucky I get with the traffic lights.

    I have been doing this since December, COVID hasn’t changed the commute itself, just the frequency I need to commute..
    Aecom stepped up to a challenge which saw 198 teams move more than 426 million steps during May and June, creating some healthy competition and habits for their teams across Australia and New Zealand. The challenge has seen some employees consider turning their steps for fun into increasing steps for their commute to work. ...
    Optus share their experiences of welcoming back their employees to campus in a staged and considered way. Using their vibrant company colours to assign staff to alternate weeks for their return back to the office, encouraging off-peak travel and ...
    University of Wollongong
    The University of Wollongong are busy communicating with staff and students on all their travel options to get to campus as they begin their gradual return for Spring Semester. Using multiple channels to share transport advice ...
    Commercial and Property Manager Investa are supporting active commutes for their tenants and occupants across their portfolio of Sydney buildings by continuing to operate their end of trip and bike facilities and communicating clear and considerate guidance around the management and use of the EOTs...