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COVIDSafe Employers

Your COVIDSafe Travel Choices team are here to help you and your employee’s make the right decisions about how and when to travel for work, as restrictions begin to ease and you transition into your new normal.

Help us keep you safe and the transport network moving: 

Consider how the changes you have made now can benefit you in the future

New ways of working in response to the Coronavirus outbreak can provide benefits to businesses and employees that may be desirable to retain and embed in the longer term.  

Many of the benefits are derived through adoption of flexible working arrangements such as working from home, and by implementing related practices that support business productivity and efficiency. Find out more about benefits for your business

Discover a better way of working

The way we work and travel has been disrupted like never before. As our workplaces redefine their new ways of working, flexible working practices are becoming the new normal for many businesses.

As businesses plan to return to their workplaces in greater numbers, flexible working practices are more significant than ever to inform and enable the ways we work and travel. 

Flexible working will look different for each business and for every individual, as the needs and cultures of each business vary. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ model, but a variety of ideas and solutions have been developed to help make flexible working work for you and your business

Review your existing policies and procedures,especially regarding working from home and flexible working.

Our Transition Toolkit comprises of a suite of resources to help you plan the transition of your business and staff to a new normal, as restrictions begin to ease. Get started with our Transition Toolkit

Use the Transport Policies/Procedures Checklist to review and update your policies and procedures as necessary and help you develop a COVIDSafe Travel Action Plan for your employees, visitors and customers.

Support and promote Transport for NSW’s COVIDSafe Travel Choices Key Messages for your business, employees,visitors and customers with a Travel Action Plan

COVIDSafe Travel Plan

Our Travel Action Plan will help your business to plan and develop initiatives to support your transition to your New Normal by:

  • Raising awareness throughout your organisation so everyone is aware of how to travel safely to work and for business as restrictions are eased.
  • Empowering staff to make the best transport decisions for themselves and the business at every step by providing relevant information.
  • Supporting you to communicate and actively engage with staff throughout the process so they can continue to receive the latest advice.
  • Helping you explore how what you do now will benefit you in the future.

Find out more about preparing a Travel Action Plan.

Collateral and Key Messages for employees

Find out information and resources to share with your employees about travelling during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Keep up to date with Australian and NSW Government advice regarding COVIDSafe workplaces,transport and travel.

Find more information and useful links below:

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