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Transition Toolkit

Our Transition Toolkit comprises a suite of resources to help you plan the transition of your business and staff to your New Normal, as restrictions begin to ease.

How to get started

  • Our Transition Toolkit guide explains how to use the various tools below, their purpose and how they could work for your business.
  • Our Travel Action Plan will help your business plan and develop initiatives to support your transition to your New Normal.
  • Use the Travel Policies/Procedures Checklist to review and update your policies and procedures and introduce new ones.
  • Our Travel Survey will help you conduct an employee travel survey, to help your business understand how the workforce is currently travelling and how they want to travel in the future. See the Transition Toolkit guide for format options.
  • We have communications resources to help share messages with your employees, visitors, customers, suppliers and/or tenants.
  • You can also try using our Travel Access Guide to prepare your own guide that provides anyone who accesses your workplace with current information about how to travel there and your end of trip facilities.

More detailed information and resources about travel planning can be found at