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Since 2015, TfNSW’s Travel Choices program has been working with employers in strategic business centres to understand needs, share information about the transport system and encourage sustainable travel behaviour. The program is a free resource to help individuals, businesses and organisations that aims to:

  • Deliver long term behaviour change and sustainable travel patterns.
  • Change travel demand by redistributing customer trips to other modes, times or routes, or by removing the need to make trips altogether.

COVIDSafe Travel Choices 

In response to the Coronavirus outbreak, the COVIDSafe Travel Choices project was launched to help businesses and their employees make the right decisions about if, when and how to travel for work, as restrictions begin to ease and businesses transition to their new normal.

Our dedicated COVIDSafe webpages host a suite of resources and collateral that provide businesses and their staff with clear and targeted travel messaging, practical ways to manage travel and the suite of initiatives that Transport for NSW has implemented to enable you to make informed decisions about your travel to work.

Your CovidSafe Travel Choices team are here to help your transition to a new normal as restrictions ease, we get Sydney moving again and the economy back on track. If your business require support please reach out through and one of our team members will be in touch.

Find out more about the Travel Choices Team and see a real-life example of returning to the new normal;

The Transport Plan

The NSW Premier and Minister for Transport & Roads recently launched the NSW Government’s Transport Plan for a COVID safe economy.

Central to the plan’s success is working with you to keep NSW open for business and provide critical access to major centres of employment in a way that is safe for your staff.

NSW is now reopening for business and transport is a key part of the NSW Government’s plan. In addition to the great work your organisations have already done to flatten the curve, we want to work with you to:

  • fight the spread of COVID-19
  • prevent a second wave
  • support economic recovery

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