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13 Apr 2018
Major work at Sydney Metro stations escalates

Sydney’s new metro railway stations are coming to life with 42 escalators being installed at eight new stations in the north west.

At Norwest, eight escalators are being installed with military-like precision.

Once assembled at ground level, three cranes were used to lower them into the station below, where the platforms are 21m below the surface.

The escalators are up to 28m long and 12m high and weigh up to 22 tonnes.

They link the street level with the underground concourse then the platforms, taking customers 21m underground where a new metro train will run every four minutes in the peak.

Sydney Metro opens in the first half of 2019 in the city’s North West.

It will be extended from Chatswood into the city and beyond in 2024 – altogether delivering 31 metro stations and 66km of new metro rail for Sydney.

You can find video of the escalators being installed here.