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28 Jun 2018
Greater public transport choice for Inner West customers

A new On Demand public transport service for the Inner West will launch on Sunday, 1 July, giving residents and visitors greater choice in how, where and when they travel.

Australian-owned bus company Transit Systems will operate the new service in one of Sydney’s highest growth regions using a fleet of On Demand mini-buses.

On the same day, Transit Systems will also begin operating regular bus services in the Inner West, however there will be no change to timetables, routes and stops, meaning passengers can continue to catch their usual services.

Inner West On Demand will cover ‘first and last mile’ gaps between existing transit points across suburbs such as Breakfast Point, Burwood, Cabarita, Canada Bay, Concord, Mortlake and Strathfield, helping customers move between hubs like Concord Hospital, train stations and ferry wharves.

Services will run weekdays 6am to 11.30pm and weekends 8am to 8.30pm and can be booked via an app, BRIDJ (downloadable via the App Store or Google Play), in a similar way to a ride-share service.

In a NSW first, the agile service will be integrated with OpalPay, meaning customers can use their Opal card to ‘tap and go’, to get more people moving more dynamically across the Inner West network.

Transport for NSW data shows that integrating On Demand into existing journeys can help customers shave time off their morning and afternoon commutes to and from the city.

For instance, catching On Demand from Mortlake to Strathfield station and linking up with an express train to Central is about 30 minutes’ faster than a typical car commute from Mortlake to the City during morning peak.

Eventually the service will expand into other parts of the Inner West with an even bigger fleet, providing customers with improved services and greater flexibility.

Earlier this year, Transit Systems won a competitive tender to operate regular Inner West bus services, with the first services hitting the road on Sunday.

Within six months, Transit Systems will introduce around 270 extra weekly services across three popular routes, from Kingsgrove, Burwood, Chiswick all ending in the CBD.

By the end of 2021, Transit Systems will deliver 4.8 million extra bus service kilometres in the Inner West and save more than $140 million over its eight-year contract.

Timetables, routes, fares, concession, bus stops and existing bus assets, such as depots, will continue to be regulated by the government.

For more information about booking Inner West On Demand public transport, visit