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28 Aug 2018
Sydney to benefit from innovative new transport management system

A new transport era is on the horizon for Sydney with the world’s most advanced transport management system now in development.

The cutting edge system, part of the Intelligent Congestion Management Program (ICMP), will give customers better real-time information as well as predictive technology for operators across transport modes to bust congestion and make passenger journeys more reliable.

Importantly, it will also help the city’s transport headquarters, the Transport Management Centre (TMC), make faster, more informed decisions, improving incident response times and reducing the cost of congestion.

With Sydney in the midst of a construction boom, getting the most out of the transport network and helping people move efficiently in, out of and around the city is a key priority.

The $123 million investment will future-proof our city’s transport management system for imminent technological innovations such as driverless Sydney Metro trains to better manage congestion and respond to incidents faster, as well as preparing for new transport infrastructure in the pipeline.

A crucial improvement on the current system will be the automation of processes currently undertaken manually. Using data, the goal is to predict 30 minutes into the future and act in 5 minutes, which will help to divert traffic, coordinate public transport and provide real-time information to customers about any disruptions or alternative routes.

The system will be delivered in 2020 and will also include auto generated congestion alerts that quickly point operators to where unusual conditions exist on the network, leading to faster detection and clearance of crashes and other incidents.

Part of the program includes a contract with Cubic Transportation Systems (Australia) Pty Limited (CTS) to collaboratively build an advanced multi modal transport platform to replace the current traffic management system, built for Sydney Olympics 2000.

Visit Transport’s ICMP page for details of the program.