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16 Oct 2018
Westconnex toll gantry installation

As part of the work to duplicate the New M5 corridor, new toll gantry infrastructure will be visible to motorists later this month at the King Georges Road on and off ramps at Beverly Hills.

Motorists are advised tolls will not be charged until these toll point structures become operational when the New M5 opens in early 2020.

Testing of the tolling equipment is not expected to start until later this year and the community and motorists will be provided with advance notice. The testing is carried out to ensure accuracy of the system ahead of the motorway becoming operational.

Opening to traffic in early 2020, the New M5 will run parallel to the existing M5 East to provide a non-stop underground journey between Kingsgrove and St Peters, doubling capacity on the M5 corridor from two to four lanes in each direction.

It will cut up to half an hour from an average peak journey between Liverpool and the South Sydney, providing relief for the more than 100,000 motorists who use the corridor each day.

On completion, motorists will be able to travel from the King Georges Road Interchange at Beverly Hills to St Peters in around 10 minutes.

The toll gantry technology will enable distance-based tolling which is a fairer and more equitable system in which motorists only pay for the section of motorway they use.

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