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12 Apr 2019
More train services to gear up for Sydney Metro

Seventy new weekly train services, including a city service every three minutes from Chatswood during the peak, are among the many improvements being introduced ahead of the start of Sydney Metro services.

Minister for Transport Andrew Constance announced the additional weekly train services will be added to the timetable from Sunday 28 April, as preparations for Sydney Metro services move to the next level.

“Testing and commissioning of the new world class Sydney Metro is nearing completion and it’s now time to get customers ready for when it opens in May,” Mr Constance said.

“This game-changing public transport system will transform the way people get around Sydney and we need to make sure people are ready for it.”

Sydney Trains CEO Howard Collins said the biggest changes will be on the T1 North Shore Line.

“On 28 April, we’ll be adding capacity to the T1 North Shore Line, including a train every three minutes between Chatswood and Central during the busiest time of the morning peak,” Mr Collins said.

“There will be some small adjustments to services on the T1 Western, T2 Inner West & Leppington, T5 Cumberland and T9 Northern Lines.

Transport Coordinator General Marg Prendergast said the changes are critical to integrate Metro with the city’s existing rail network.

“It’s essential customers can continue to make convenient connections on an expanded system,” Ms Prendergast said.

“While we expect there to be some initial challenges, we are confident we will meet the needs of our existing rail customers, and the new customers that the Metro will bring.”

Some local bus services will also be adjusted to align with trains.

More staff at key stations will be provided to manage crowds.

This will be complemented by some brand new customer initiatives, including ‘Fast Track’ platforms at Chatswood where extra Sydney Trains staff will assist customers board and alight trains.

‘Fast Track’ platforms are already used on busier stations like Central and they have been successful in minimising train dwell times.

New graphics will be added to Passenger Information Displays to show customers where seats are available, or where there is room to board on arriving trains, as well as new signage similar to other world class transport networks to help customers move more efficiently around key hub stations.

At Chatswood, customers getting off Sydney Metro trains will simply walk across the platform to catch a Sydney Trains service into the city. This easy interchange will happen while the Sydney Metro service is being extended into the city.

When it opens in May, Sydney Metro will provide a new turn-up-and-go rail service between Tallawong in Sydney’s North West and Chatswood. The new railway is currently being extended from Chatswood to the city and beyond to Bankstown.

From 14 April, customers will be able to find out more about the changes, and plan their journeys to see how these minor adjustments affect them, at