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11 Jun 2019
One million metro journeys in just two weeks

One million customer journeys have been taken on the new North West Metro in the two weeks since its historic first service.

Customers are using the new world-class railway in overwhelming numbers and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Patronage in the metro’s first two weeks reached an average of 72,000 journeys on weekdays, a phenomenal number for a brand new mode of transport.

Opal data from the North West Metro reveals:

  •  After the opening fare free day, Thursday, 30 May was the busiest day on the Metro with 75,876 trips.
  •  Wednesday, 29 May was the busiest morning peak with 23,330 trips.
  •  Tuesday, 28 May was the busiest afternoon peak with 27,542 trips.
  •  More than 3,400 Metro train services have run so far

Feedback from customers using the North West Metro had been overwhelmingly positive.

As with any comparable railway of this scale around the world, there have been some settling-in issues but operation issues have been relatively minor. We thank customers for their patience as fine tuning continues.

For more project info visit the Metro website.