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16 Jul 2019
New M4 Tunnels now open to traffic

Sydney marked a historic transport moment on Saturday, 13 July, as the first vehicles made their way through the New M4 Tunnels.

With NSW Police highway patrol leading the way, the first cars entered the tunnels just after 2am Saturday morning.

Bypassing 22 sets of traffic lights from Homebush to Haberfield, the new tunnels will streamline trips from Parramatta to the Sydney CBD.

With school holidays now in effect it’s a good time for motorists to become more familiar with the tunnels, and a number of maps and animations can be found on the WestConnex website to help motorists plan their journey.

Transport for NSW Coordinator General Marg Prendergast said motorists using the tunnels for the first time should pay extra attention to signs and lane markings and go slow when entering and exiting the tunnels.

“If you find yourself in the wrong lane, don’t panic but just proceed until you reach a side street where you can safely turn around or pull over and replan your trip,” Ms Prendergast said.

“We understand it takes a bit of time for people to learn how to navigate new traffic conditions so the best advice is to remain calm and if you make a wrong move, don’t stop and reverse – keep going – it’s only a short distance to your nearest exit.”

The New M4 Tunnels are the first of four tunnel pieces in the WestConnex puzzle, a game changing project that will help bust Sydney’s congestion and cut travel times.

The $3.8 billion 5.5 kilometre twin tunnels comprise three lanes in each direction and extend the widened M4 from Homebush to Haberfield.

The WestConnex project also includes the New M5, the M4-M5 Link and the Rozelle Interchange, connecting Sydney’s west and southwest via more than 30km of continuous motorway.

Visit the WestConnex website for all the latest project info.