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07 Aug 2019
Breathing wall sprouts at Manly Vale commuter car park

Deep in the heart of northern Sydney, a tiny urban jungle breathes.

Green and flourishing against its concrete backdrop, the wall of 9,000 plants is providing a welcoming façade for motorists who park inside Manly Vale’s commuter car park.

The revolutionary Junglefy Breathing Wallᵀᴹ is both visually appealing and environmentally sensitive, built to help reduce air pollutants,  act as a sound barrier and help to cool the surrounding air temperature. Using fans, dirty air is pulled from the car park through the back of the wall before it is exhausted into the outside environment.

Using technology developed by leading Australian living infrastructure specialists Junglefy, the breathing wall is a living, rotating, modular green wall system, scientifically proven to accelerate the removal of air pollutants by actively filtering and cleansing the air.

In a triumph for Manly Vale and Transport for NSW, it is the first time that this particular technology has been used in a commercial or NSW Government project and is part of the NSW Government’s commitment to provide more sustainable design solutions as part of the long term plan for NSW.

To see how the Manly Vale commuter car park breathing wall sprouted into being, click here.

A two-year study carried out by the Plants and Environmental Quality Research Group at the University of Technology Sydney has scientifically proven that the breathing wall removes toxic pollutants out of the air.

Research group director Dr Fraser Torpy said the breathing wall had been tested for volatile organic, particulate matter and carbon dioxide removal, and noise abatement.

“We’ve found remarkable effect sizes for all of these pollutants,” he said.

“The ability of the system to remove volatile organics and particulate matter exceeds any current existing mechanical technology.

“It’s not an alternative technology; it’s a better technology for fixing those pollutants.”

As this is the first of its kind in an outdoor car park, UTS is working with Transport for NSW to monitor the breathing wall output to provide further results in this environment.

The car park also features energy efficient systems such as roof solar powered generation to minimise the building’s environmental footprint.

Manly Vale is one of six car commuter parks delivering about 900 spaces across the Northern Beaches and Lower North Shore as part of the B-Line program.

B-Line is an integrated package of service and infrastructure improvements designed to provide more reliable journeys between Mona Vale and the Sydney CBD.

Visit Transport’s B-Line page for more information on the project.