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29 Aug 2019

CBD and South East Light Rail vehicle testing along George Street is now in full swing, with the first tram travelling the length of the street from near Central Station to Circular Quay in daylight hours.

Taking place on Wednesday, 28 August, the first daytime tram journey to Circular Quay was an exciting moment for Sydney with the light rail vehicle making its way down the revitalised George Street.

It is just the start of daytime testing along the length of the line and Sydneysiders can expect to see a lot more of it ahead of customer services starting before the end of the year.

The new network will move up to 13,500 commuters an hour during peak time, replacing the heavy bus traffic which used to sit on George Street.

It's important for the community to be aware of the changed environment in the area as tram testing becomes more frequent.

Now trams are in the busy CBD day and night, people moving through the area need to be aware of their surroundings, stay alert, look up from phones and remember to look both ways before crossing the road.

Visit the light rail safety page for more important information about staying safe around light rail.

The project is now in the home stretch, and in December Sydney residents and its visitors will benefit from a better connected city and a transformed boulevard.

New trams hold up to up to 450 passengers, equivalent of up to nine standard buses. This means the new light rail network will have the initial capacity to move up to 6,750 commuters per hour during peak times (7am - 7pm) in both directions on the Randwick and Kingsford line.



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