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31 Oct 2020
Drivers urged to exercise caution on new road connecting City West Link with Victoria Road

Sydney motorists are urged to be mindful of a new access road connecting the City West Link to Victoria Road which is now open.

Transport for NSW Chief Operations Officer Howard Collins has advised motorists who usually drive through this area to be aware of the new access arrangements to the Anzac Bridge and Victoria Road.

“This is a significant change for the area and now that the new access road is open we urge motorists to exercise caution and follow new road signage and electronic message signs,” Mr Collins said.

“Anyone travelling citybound on the City West Link needs to keep to the furthest two left lanes to access Victoria Road. Anyone travelling from The Crescent or exiting James Craig Road will also need to keep to the left in order to access Victoria Road.

“For those citybound motorists on City West Link / The Crescent wanting to access Anzac Bridge, remember to stick to the right lanes and continue straight through the underpass towards the city.

“As motorists adapt to the new traffic conditions this morning, we have seen a few motorists making last-minute decisions as they approach the new Victoria Road access road.

“We remind motorists if they do find themselves in the wrong lane to keep going until they can pull over safely and re-plan their trip,” Mr Collins said.

The new access road will allow work to be safely carried out on the current Victoria Road bridge, while keeping traffic moving on Victoria Road and the City West Link. These changes will be in place for around two years as part of construction of the Rozelle Interchange.

The Rozelle Interchange is a new underground motorway interchange to the Anzac Bridge, City West Link and Victoria Road. It will provide a bypass of Victoria Road between the Iron Cove Bridge and the Anzac Bridge, with links to the planned Western Harbour Tunnel.

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