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03 Jun 2022
New rules to keep buses moving

Bus drivers will get a clearer run on their bus routes following the introduction of new rules to tow vehicles illegally parked in bus zones.

Transport for NSW Deputy Secretary of Safety, Environment and Regulation, Tara McCarthy said vehicles parked in bus zones present a problem for bus drivers trying to provide a safe and timely service.

“The changes will improve passenger safety when boarding and disembarking buses. This is especially important for passengers with mobility issues, children, the elderly and parents with strollers,” Ms McCarthy said.

“It will also help bus services run on time and as smoothly as possible.”

Regulatory amendments to the Road Transport (General) Regulation 2021 mean that bus zones are now a ‘prescribed place’ for the purposes of tow away provisions under the Act.

“The new regulatory changes will also reduce operational costs when dealing with vehicles illegally left in bus zones. Previously it’s taken up to six weeks to get a vehicle removed from a bus zone, even when it’s unregistered,” Ms McCarthy said.

In the 12 months to July 2021, there were 564 reports of vehicles parked in bus stops in NSW.

A grace period of two months will be in place before the regulatory change is enforced.

You can find more about what to do if your car is towed here.