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Train station upgrades

CBD train stations Wynyard and Town Hall have been upgraded. Improvements include: new lighting, tiling and signage; escalator upgrades; reduced clutter on the concourse and platforms; and additional ticket gates.


Wynyard Station

The first phase of Wynyard Station upgrade, completed in September 2016, included:

  • New lighting, tiling and signage
  • A wider concourse
  • Additional ticket gates
  • Less clutter on the concourse and platforms.

The second phase of the upgrade, now completed, includes:

  • Platform ventilation and heat relief system
  • Refurbishment of the York Street entrance (Exit 3 - opened September 2017)
  • Upgrade of the York Street escalators (opened September 2017)
  • New lift access between York Street and the concourse (Exit 3 - opened September 2017)
  • Heritage interpretation of the York Street escalators.

Town Hall Station

The Town Hall Station upgrade included:

  • New tiling and ceiling in the concourse area
  • Improved lighting with new energy-efficient LEDs
  • Improved staircases to all platforms
  • Reduced clutter by opening up the concourse and adding ticket gates
  • Replacement of two wooden escalators to improve safety and reliability
  • Ventilation improvements to the concourse.