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Try travelling outside of peak times

Travelling safely on public transport is paramount. If you need to travel on public transport, help maintain social distancing and travel outside of peak times.

Masks on public transport

Face masks are now strongly recommended on public transport, following NSW Health advice.
Where physical distancing is difficult to maintain, wearing a face mask can provide some protection so long as people continue to abide by other measures and use the masks according to health advice.

See the video below for tips on wearing and discarding masks.

Remember, stay home if you're not well and get tested, practise good hand hygiene and maintain physical distancing by sticking to the dots.

How to wear a face mask

Opal card changes for off-peak travel

Travel outside of peak times and be rewarded with new changes to Opal fares . Take advantage of the off-peak incentive and help stagger essential travel on the public transport network.

To encourage customers to travel outside peak times, changes have been made to the peak Opal fares and peak travel times:

  • A 30% discount for off-peak travel to include metro, train, bus and light rail on an ongoing basis.
  • New peak travel times were also introduced:
    • 6:30am until 10am and 3pm until 7pm on Sydney Trains, Sydney Metro, light rail and bus
    • 6am until 10am and 3pm until 7pm on Intercity Trains.
    • Travel outside of these times will be eligible for the 50% fare discount.

For more information on Opal changes visit

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Extra Services

More than 3,300 extra services have now been added to the public transport network across Sydney to temporarily increase capacity for physical distancing and provide more options for customers throughout the day to help flatten the peak travel curve.

Key changes are:

  • Buses: more than 3,100 weekly services added
  • Sydney Trains: more than 250 weekly services added

The majority of these extra services have been designed to increase capacity outside the traditional peak where they are needed most. Find more information about increases buses and trains

Increased capacity

The COVIDSafe Transport Plan is supporting the next stage in the further easing of restrictions across NSW.

More passengers are now welcomed back onto the public transport network with increased capacity across all modes, consistent with NSW Health advice. This includes regional transport services which will be able to carry greater numbers of passengers to the bush as COVID-19 restrictions ease.

Although there is increased capacity it’s still important to plan ahead if you must travel and travel outside peak times. Customers will see more green dots to reflect the increase in capacity. Passengers should continue to find green physical distancing dots for the safest places to sit and stand.

Plan ahead and use the Travel Insights data visualisation tool. For more information on increased capacity visit

Example of capacity limits from 1 July on transport modes:

Capacity Change Transport

Customers are encouraged to travel off-peak or consider their need to travel, one way of doing this is to use flexible working arrangements to work from home for part or all of the day, and only travel during periods when there is less congestion on the transport network. Find more information on flexible working options.

While peak periods differ slightly in various areas, we recommend you avoid travelling between 7am and 9am and 3pm and 6pm in all areas.   Check out some simple and smart travel hacks to improve the way your travel to work.

Travel Insights tool

Planning your trip to work has never been more essential and now made easier with our Travel Insights tool. The interactive platform gives you the ability to view and filter multi-modal travel data to help you plan ahead and understand the latest travel trends.

You have the power to view data by public transport mode, day of the week or key commercial centres in greater Sydney and regional NSW to help you make the right travel choices if you must travel for work.

Travelling outside peak periods is often faster, more comfortable and less busy than during other periods. Transport for NSW also provides a range of fare incentives for those that choose to travel outside the peak. Find more information about off-peak travel discounts

To avoid the road network becoming gridlocked we also need workers with the ability to retime their journeys to do so. For real-time traffic information visit