Travel Choices is partnering with businesses to shape a sustainable future for our transport networks, precincts and workplaces by supporting commuters as they prepare for and adapt to change.

Trends from the COVID-19 pandemic, and significant disruptions on major Sydney roadways due to vital infrastructure construction, present an opportunity to shift to more sustainable commuting behaviours. This will help support a balanced economic recovery, better office utilisation, reduced congestion, and improved health and wellbeing for individuals.


Congested roads and transport services

arroiw Travel ChoicesIncreased car usage
arroiw Travel ChoicesCongested roads
arroiw Travel ChoicesPeak travel days and times leading to uneven demand on public transport services


Economic and office

arroiw Travel ChoicesSlower retail and hospitality trading days
arroiw Travel ChoicesPeak days leading to uneven demand in offices
arroiw Travel ChoicesUnderutilised office spaces on Mondays and Fridays


Upcoming major road disruptions

arroiw Travel ChoicesDisruptions occurring across major roads in Sydney


The pandemic forced us to adapt and alter the way we work and travel. As we emerge, we have a unique opportunity to preserve flexible travel attitudes and behaviours. With workplaces more open to flexibility than ever before, there has never been a better time to think about your travel choices.



The Travel Choices team works closely with businesses and organisations across Sydney by providing expert guidance and innovative programs designed to:


arroiw Travel ChoicesDeliver long-term behaviour change and sustainable travel patterns. 
arroiw Travel ChoicesChange travel demand by redistributing customer trips to other modes, times or routes, or by removing the need to make trips altogether.


TC partnership


TC Partnerships

Travel Choices is a free resource which supports businesses and their employees to make informed and sustainable commuting choices.

supporting sustainable commutes
travel demand mangement



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