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Travel Choices

Travel Choices is a free resource to help individuals, businesses and organisations prepare for and adapt to the changes to Sydney’s transport network. The Travel Choices team is here to provide support for those making the shift to more sustainable ways of moving into, out of and around Sydney.

To date Travel Choices has worked with over 600 businesses and organisations across Sydney and has contributed to a significant decrease in vehicles entering the CBD and a significant increase in public transport trips during the morning peak.

The Travel Choices program helped commuters make the shift to sustainable ways of commuting to support the introduction of the B-Line and other new region eight bus services on the Northern Beaches.

Travel Choices - Our Aim

With Sydney growing at a rapid pace and workplaces adopting more flexible working practices, there has never been a better time to think about the way you travel to work.  With projected figures showing that Sydney is expected to grow by an extra 1 million people in the next 10 years, everyone should reconsider how they travel around Sydney.

Our aim is to:

  • Enable commuters to make informed choices about their daily commute. 
  • Shape long term, sustainable travel behaviour, aligned to future workplaces.  

Travel Demand Management 

Travel Demand Management (TDM) is the application of a focused, data led strategy that seeks to change demand on transport networks by redistributing customer journeys to other modes, times, or routes, or by removing the need to make the journey. It is most effectively applied when there is a catalyst for behaviour change.

Transport for NSW employs techniques across the travel demand management spectrum, including:

  • Capacity creation
  • Network Management
  • Travel Behaviour change.

Travel Choices is Transport for NSW’s travel behaviour change program. More information about TDM including a complete Toolkit for developing a comprehensive Travel Plan are available on the Travel Demand Management page