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Travel Choices Businesses

From new light rail and a new metro railway, to better road connections and train station upgrades, we’re improving transport infrastructure across Sydney.

Since August 2015, the Travel Choices team has worked with more than 640 organisations in the Sydney CBD offering a range of support, including one-to-one consulting, group workshops, management briefings and ongoing information, advice and resources.

Travel Choices aims to empower people and businesses to make the best travel choices during periods of disruption, helping to keep Sydney moving during construction of our major transport projects.

We know that if we promote the health and well-being benefits of walking and cycling, our customers are more likely to build an active transport trip into their daily commute. We have produced tailored walking and cycling maps, promoted courses to improve bike riders’ confidence and developed resources to inform people and businesses about the health and well-being benefits of losing weight, reducing stress and protecting the environment.

Travel Choices also seeks to promote flexible working as an opportunity for businesses and employees to improve productivity and work/life balance. By doing so we are confident that commuters are more likely to retime their travel away from the peak hour. We have produced a Flexible Working Toolkit and provide one-on-one support for implementation for larger CBD organisations. 

Here’s how your CBD organisation can get involved:


Attend an upcoming workshop for an introduction to Travel Choices and advice on potential impacts to your staff, customers, servicing and delivery. They’re free and only 45 minutes. To book a workshop or arrange one for your building please contact the Travel Choices team directly by emailing or calling 1800 632 500. 


For organisations with a large number of staff, one-to-one advice is available from a dedicated travel adviser. Travel Choices can undertake a travel survey to understand how your staff are travelling to and from work and develop a Travel Action Plan identifying opportunities and actions.

Contact the Travel Choices team directly by emailing
or calling 1800 632 500.

The Travel Choices team is also supporting the University of NSW, TAFE Randwick and the Randwick Health Precinct with ongoing advice, collateral and support. In the future, we will also work with Connect Macquarie Park to roll out Travel Choices ahead of the shutdown of the Epping and Chatswood rail line for Metro construction, working with businesses and their employees to help influence travel behaviour and manage preparation for the disruption in the precinct.