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Travel Choices Resources

Our Summer Edition e-booklet includes the latest transport updates, travel advice, plus a collection of datasets, case studies and resources to help inform your decision making and workforce planning as you prepare for a workplace return in 2021.

summer edition ebook

COVIDSafe Resources

Our End of Trip Facilities Guidance includes Safe Work Australia’s advice and other practical tips to manage EOTs safely and effectively.

The Travel Action Plan will help your business plan and develop initiatives to support your transition to your New Normal.

Use the Travel Access Guide to prepare your own guide that provides anyone who accesses your workplace with current information about how to travel there and your end of trip facilities.

The How to use Transition Toolkit explains how to use the various tools above, their purpose and how they could work for your business.

Benefits to businesses and employees – This resource outlines the benefits to both business and employees of the new ways of working.

Use the Travel checklist for employers – helping you get to work – to review and update your policies and procedures and introduce new ones.

Our Online Travel Survey Template – will help you conduct an employee travel survey, to help your business understand how the workforce is currently doing and what they want to do in the future.

Macquarie Park bike map– Learn more about cycling to Macquarie Park.

Employers Guide - An Employers’ Guide to activating the COVIDSafe Travel Choices key messages for employees.

Find our DIY steps to set up a work place bike riding course or guided ride course

COVIDSafe Communications Resources

We have prepared print and digital artwork files, as well as an image library for use across various platforms.

View and download our suite of communication materials and a guide on how to use them here 

Our key messages have been developed to help you plan if, when and how to travel for work

Key messages for employees

Our Key Messages for Employers promote planning for your transition to your New Normal and sharing our Key Messages for Employees.

Key messages for employers

Download the campaign posters to use in communications to your employees.


  • Stay at Home

  • Plan ahead

  • Try travelling outside the peak

  • Try travelling outside the peak

  • Travelling a short distance?

  • Cashless Payments
  • No dot No spot

  • Increased cleaning on public transport

  • Trams

  • Cleaning Trains

  • Metro


Further Resources

Flexible working toolkit - Use The flexible working toolkit to develop and implement flexible working practices

Flexible working - Find out more about flexible working and its’ benefits.

Opal Travel - Learn more about using Opal cards and contactless payment methods on the public transport network.

Travel Apps - Discover some of the Travel Apps available to help you plan your trip.


Case Studies

Learn more about how organisations in NSW are supporting their employees to consider sustainable travel choices.

WSP – Making flexibility work for them

Optiver – Cultivating a cycling culture  

Metlife - Empowering staff through flexible working

Expedia - Utilizing flexible working

AMP - Proactively engaging customers

City of Sydney - Encouraging sustainable transport

Ernst & Young - Reducing private vehicle use

UTS - Promoting active transport

Commuter Profile - Evangelos Krokos