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Travel Choices for your business

Since August 2015, the Travel Choices team has worked with businesses across the Sydney CBD, South East and Northern Beaches to keep Sydneysiders moving.

Now in Macquarie Park, Travel Choices is providing one-to-one advice, workshops, management briefings and ongoing travel information and resources to assist customers during the Epping to Chatswood rail line upgrade.

By encouraging public transport, flexible working and active travel with the assistance of the Travel Choices program, businesses have reported increases in overall employee satisfaction and  wellbeing.

Find out below how your organisation can encourage public transport, flexible working and active travel.

Promoting public transport

With Transport for NSW rolling out thousands of new train and bus services, there has never been a better time to get your staff to leave the car at home and use public transport to get to work. 

You can encourage your staff to use public transport by:

  • Setting up staff Opal cards  so your employees can use public transport to get to and from meetings during the day.
  • Getting your employees to use trip planning apps to help plan ways to get to and from their base or other co-working locations nearer home.
  • Getting employees to retime their trips and use public transport in the off peak to help save time during their busy work day, which  encourages a better work-life balance and saves them money with discounted fares. Check out our Opal fact sheet for more info.

Flexible working

What is flexible working?  

Flexible working includes any work arrangement which changes the traditional Monday to Friday nine to five arrangements, including:

  • Working from home or alternate location.
  • Changes to start and finish times.
  • Changing patterns of work (e.g. split shifts) to match customers/needs .

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What are the benefits of flexible working?

  • More comfortable travel options by avoiding travelling during the peak.
  • Balancing work and personal commitments.
  • Improve physical health and mental wellbeing of your employees including reducing the stress of the daily commute.

Making flexible working a success

  • Develop a flexible working policy or if you already have one, review it.
  • Discuss the plan with employees to identify the mutual benefits.
  • Monitor your flexible working arrangements on an ongoing basis.

For more info check out our resources page 

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Supporting Active Transport

Walking or riding a bike as part of a daily commute is a great way to improve and maintain your employees' health and well-being and increase their productivity. Major business areas across Sydney are well connected by walking and cycling routes so now is a great time to promote active travel for part or all of the commute.

To support active transport your business could provide end of trip facilities such as:

  • Lockers.
  • Shower and change facilities.
  • Bike storage.

Check out our resources here to help your business get active transport moving.

How Can Travel Choices help my business?

Check out the links below for some of our tools we have used to support businesses.

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