Jan 29, 2024

More frequent services for L1 Dulwich Hill Line light rail passengers during weekday peaks

L1 Dulwich Hill Line light rail passengers are now benefitting from increased services during busy periods from Monday to Friday between Central Grand Concourse and Dulwich Hill. Services are now running up to every 6 minutes during the morning and afternoon peaks.

As of 6am Monday 29 January, passengers can hop on the L1:

  • Every 10 minutes from first service at 6am to 7am,
  • Every 6 minutes from 7am to 10am,
  • Every 6 minutes from 3pm to 7pm,
  • Friday only: every 10 minutes from 7pm to 9pm.

L1 light rail services will continue to run:

  • Monday to Friday:
    • every 10 minutes from 10am to 3pm,
    • every 15 minutes from 7pm (or 9pm on Friday) to last service at 11pm (or midnight on Friday).
  • Saturday and Sunday (including Public Holidays):
    • every 15 minutes from first service at 6am to 9am,
    • every 10 minutes from 9am to 7pm (or 9pm on Saturday),
    • every 15 minutes from 7pm (or 9pm on Saturday) to last service at 11pm.

With L1 light rail services increasing, it’s a good time to remind passengers about safety around vehicles and platforms.

  • Stay alert and aware of your surroundings, always use designated crossings, and avoid distractions like mobile phones or headsets.
  • Allow others to get off before boarding and stand clear of closing doors.
  • If you need assistance to board, wait in the wheelchair boarding zone and if you require a wheelchair ramp at the next stop, let the driver know by pressing the blue button with an accessible symbol.
  • If you need urgent assistance, please use the Help Points available on all light rail vehicles and platforms.

Visit transportnsw.info for more information on the service increase.

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