Travel Demand Management

Travel Demand Management (TDM) is the application of a focused, data-led strategy that seeks to change demand on transport networks by redistributing journeys to other modes, times, routes, or by removing the journey altogether. It is most effectively applied when there is an impetus or catalyst for behaviour change.

A Travel Plan is a management strategy for delivering long-term behavioural change and sustainable travel patterns across an organisation or precinct. It is about understanding how people make their transport decisions and using this to influence behaviours that lead to better customer outcomes, while reducing adverse impacts such as congestion.

Travel Plans work because they are unique, evidence-based and tailored to the specific circumstances of an organisation or site. They lead to real benefits for the organisation, employees and broader community by developing sustainable and commonly agreed solutions.

Transport for NSW has developed a Travel Plan Toolkit designed for people or groups responsible for developing and implementing a Travel Plan. This toolkit provides the steps, templates and resources for developing a comprehensive Travel Plan. Throughout the Toolkit there are links to resources and more detailed information which can also be accessed individually through the links below

Key Documents

Supporting Documents

Questions or comments about the use of this Toolkit, including requests for soft copies of templates, can be directed to

Additional resources are also available on the Travel Choices website to help your organisation promote sustainable travel behaviour changes.

Note: If your Travel Plan is a condition of planning consent, you should consult with your relevant planning authority for advice on any additional specific requirements.