Apr 19, 2024

WestConnex speed limit increase gets the green light

Motorists travelling on WestConnex from 20 April will notice an increase in the speed limit from 80km/h to 90km/h.

The adjustment will take effect early in the morning of Saturday 20 April and apply to the WestConnex tunnels between Homebush and Beverly Hills. The speed limits for Rozelle Interchange will remain unchanged. 

Increasing the speed limit for WestConnex will help get motorists around Sydney in the safest, most efficient way possible and save people time. 

The 10km/h increase comes after a Transport for NSW review investigated whether it was safe to introduce the change for WestConnex.

Transport for NSW worked with the operators of WestConnex for the safe implementation of the new 90km/h speed limit, ensuring it was integrated with the motorway systems following a period of testing and commissioning.  

The new speed limit will be displayed on the variable digital speed limit signs within the motorway. Variable speed limits will still apply in the WestConnex tunnel network, depending on traffic conditions, and motorists should observe the posted speed limit at all times.   

The speed limit was increased on the M5 South-West in October last year. The speed limit eastbound on the M5 South-West between Belmore Road at Riverwood and King Georges Road at Beverly Hills returned to 100km/h after being reduced to 80km/h prior to the opening of the M8 in 2020. 

WestConnex is a traffic light free motorway network, linking the west and south-west of Sydney, as well as Sydney Airport, Port Botany, the Anzac Bridge and the future Western Harbour Tunnel and M6 Stage 1 to southern Sydney.

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