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Empowering workplaces to support sustainable commutes.

Attitudes toward commuting and the way we work are evolving, making it an ideal time to shape sustainable travel habits for a growing Sydney. Our workplaces are an ideal focus for moulding new travel behaviours. When workplaces make small changes, there is potential for big cumulative impacts to demand across our Transport network that also contribute to the revitalisation of our precincts.

Your organisation can get involved

Sydney organisations are invited to get involved in a unique opportunity to support a balanced economic recovery, make better use of office space, achieve sustainability targets, and enjoy healthier and more engaged employees.

In partnership with The Behavioural Architects, Transport is delivering a Behavioural Science-led approach for organisations that encourage, or nudge, sustainable commutes to offices.

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"We’re looking at how we can engage people on Monday and Fridays by offering some unique experiences. What a great experiment – we’re thrilled to take part.”

Alison Webb
Head of Customer Strategy, Lendlease

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We will work with organisations to:

arroiw Travel Choices Deliver innovative nudges that turn the dial on improving commuter and worker behaviours in a post-COVID world.
arroiw Travel ChoicesProvide ongoing support and capability building in behaviour change within your organisation.
arroiw Travel ChoicesProvide the latest transport updates, insights and resources to make informed organisational decision making.

Businesses and organisations can get involved by contacting:


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Making an impact:

Major employers Lendlease and Mott MacDonald have embraced the program. They are passionate about shifting office attendance patterns to help enliven our cities and support urban retailers. 

See how they’re using simple, innovative strategies to create change.



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A simple and cost-effective call to action that is specific to each workplace to address what’s most important to them.



It could be as simple as an email campaign reminding workers about flexible working policies.



Other options include incentive programs to encourage a new behaviour.

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How Sydney organisations are getting involved

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