Jan 12, 2024

Plan ahead this summer to avoid traffic delays

With major upgrade works on the Warringah Freeway and new road connections following the recent opening of Rozelle Interchange, planning your journey before you leave home will help you avoid delays this summer.

Try public transport

Public transport may get you to your destination faster.

If you’re travelling along Victoria Road, buses now have priority with new bus lanes in both directions. Plan your next bus trip.

If you’re travelling along Warringah Freeway, learn more about all your travel options to avoid delays as major works continue until 26 January.


If you need to drive

If you do need to drive, try to leave when traffic is lighter and allow extra travel time.

For a traffic light free trip between the city and the inner west, use the M4 tunnel to Anzac Bridge. Or go toll free via Parramatta Road.
If you’re travelling to the city along Victoria Road, use the toll free tunnel from the Iron Cove Bridge for a direct trip to Anzac Bridge and skip 7 sets of traffic lights along Victoria Road.

To avoid any delays on the road, check Live Traffic NSW before you leave for updates on the latest traffic conditions. With Live Traffic NSW you can create and save a trip, follow live incident reports, and view live camera footage of traffic conditions along your route. Learn more about trip planning tools on Live Traffic NSW


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