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A growing Sydney

Building Transport to match

From new light rail and a new metro railway, to better road connections and train station upgrades, we’re improving transport infrastructure across Sydney.


Track laying nearly complete through the city
Track laying through the city is more than 95 per cent complete in the 15.5 kilometre metro twin tunnels, as part of the Sydney Metro City & Southwest project...
More people back on public transport with the removal of green dots
More people back on public transport with the removal of green dots
Green dots will be removed from all modes of public transport from Saturday 30 April...
Escalator installation at Barangaroo Station for Sydney Metro
Sydney Metro platforms and escalators installed at Barangaroo Station
Construction continues inside the cavern and on the surface at Barangaroo station, with installation of station platforms and escalators recently completed...
Artist Impression of the stop at Westmead
Parramatta Light Rail track nears completion and construction of stops underway
Work will commence to build the first of 16 light rail stops and track installation will reach 100 per cent in coming weeks, on Stage 1 of the Parramatta Light Rail...
Last mile toolkit bringing freight and servicing to the fore
Transport for NSW has launched a new toolkit to help guide urban planners, developers and government in their consideration of freight and servicing demands for new buildings and precincts as part of…..
Scheduled Roadworks
During construction of major transport projects in Sydney, scheduled work will mean changes to the road network.

Travel Choices
Travel Choices is a free resource to help individuals, businesses and organisations prepare for and adapt to the changes to Sydney’s transport network.